This latest version incorporates the comprehensive series of genuine Mallett tests for refractive and ocular motor near investigations. Housed in a high impact plastic case, it is supplied as a rechargeable unit with a built in charging system, which requires no separate charger. Safety switching cuts off the power supply if a light is left on when charging.
It has state-of- the-art electronics and is ideal for consulting room or domiciliary use, It meets all Class 2 electrical standards and can be made available for use with 230 or 110 volts.
The tests are controlled by a switch conveniently located on the side of the unit. Bulbs automatically switch off if the unit is not used for two and a half minutes.
All artwork has been drawn to an exacting standard, with high contrast and definition. Supplied with axes polarised to 90/180 degrees or 45/135 degrees as required. A matching polarised visor is included.
In addition to the normal Times Roman (N4-N12) fonts, the following tests are incorporated:
Fixation disparity and stereopsis tests.
Polarised tests including foveal suppression, ARC and suppression in strabismus, bichromatic, cross cylinder target and visual acuity balance.
Measurement of monocular amplitude of accommodation under binocular conditions.
Dominant eye and accommodation convergence relationship test.
Visual acuity charts (letter and E).
Near point of convergence – centimetre rule incorporated. A dioptric conversion table is printed on the back of the unit.
Tangent scale and spotlight.

Cat. No. T/0003 - MNVU NV5 - Discontinued
Cat. No. T/0004 - Wall Bracket - Discontinued