This handy card is an A5 size laminated card full of useful top tips that the busy practitioner cannot afford to be without. Designed by an optometrist for optometrists
Guide to relative C/D ratios – this handy guide contains schematic diagrams of C/D ratios from 0.1 to 0.9. Provides ready clinical reference to facilitate the accurate grading of C/D ratios. Improves the reliability of estimates by different practitioners and at successive visits.
Handy guide to orthoptics (printed on reverse side of guide to C/D ratios) – includes a star diagram of the principal muscle actions of the extra-ocular muscles. Helps practitioners to interpret those tricky motility test findings. Also includes a table of the additional actions of the extra-ocular muscles in the primary position.
Helps predict the effect of pareses on the cover test result in the primary position – also includes a table of the norms of monocular amplitudes of accommodation (after Duane).

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