Visual acuity testing on a PC or Laptop
Modern computer displays are ideal for displaying charts for vision testing. Test Chart 2000 LITE builds on the success of Test Chart 2000 (which is used by hundreds of optometrists and other eyecare professionals) to bring the power and versatility of computerised visual acuity testing to hospital eye departments, diabetic screening units, casualty departments, GP surgeries etc.
Which version of Test Chart 2000 is for me?
Key features:
Runs on a standard PC or laptop
Can be used at any viewing distance
Can be used with or without a mirror
Snellen, LogMAR and Single letter charts available
Wide range of optotypes including British, Sloan, Sheridan Gardiner, Landolt Cs, Tumbling Es, Kay pictures, Lea symbols and numbers
Cursor for pointing at rows or letters
UK number plate test
Wide range of fixation images
Clinical images for explaining conditions to patients
Optional infra-red remote control unit
Unrivalled range of visual acuity charts
Snellen chart
Single letter chart with Lea symbols and crowding bars
Linear chart with Kay symbols
LogMAR chart
What you get with Test Chart 2000 LITE
Program on CD ROM
Printed manual
Free on-going helpline support
Infra-red remote control unit
The number plate tests reproduces actual number plates scaled for the viewing distance to provide an accurate assessment of compliance with the UK legal standard
A wide range of images can be displayed on the screen to capture the attention of patients while their eyes are being examined
Diagrams and clinical images can be displayed on the screen to help explain conditions to patients
Hardware requirements
PC running Windows 98 or later
Screen resolution 1024x768 or better
Cat. No. S/0250 – Please contact i.O.O. Sales Ltd on 020 7378 0330
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