The Coloured Overlay Screener is a radical new system to establish whether a coloured overlay is likely to produce an improvement in reading speed and fluency.

A number of children and adults with apparently normal eyesight, experience discomfort when reading a page of print. Some report that the words appear to “move”, “wobble” or “flicker” while others say that the page appears too bright or the words are too close together.

This condition is sometimes known as Meares-Irlen syndrome. Those affected by the condition may skip words or lines when reading. Others report “eyestrain” or headaches after reading.

There is now considerable evidence that, for reasons that are poorly understood, these symptoms are sometimes relieved by placing a coloured overlay over the print or by wearing spectacles with tinted lenses.

The colour required to achieve the optimum relief varies between individuals and may change over time.
Scientifically evaluated on over 2,000 children.
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