The Coloured Overlay Screener is a computer program designed to determine if a child or adult is likely to benefit from using a coloured overlay while reading and helps to determine the optimum colour

Runs on a standard PC
Presents text on the screen against different coloured backgrounds to check for colour sensitivity.
Automatic scoring method checks repeatability of results.
Includes a computerised version of the Wilkins Rate of Reading Test**.
Built in sound files provide option for vocal instructions to be given throughout the tests.
Determines colour of the Intuitive Overlay* likely to provide best results.
Determines optimum colour for computer screen with option to set Windows screens to preferred colour.
Powerful database to store results.
Automatically generates customised reports.
Screening takes an average of 5 mins.
Requires minimal expertise or computer skills to administer.

* Designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins © MRC 1993. Sole distributors i.O.O. Sales Ltd
** Designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins © MRC 1996

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